What is Månsing?

We live and work in Borås, a Swedish town well known for its long textile history and modern design focus. The progressivity and entrepreneurship that surrounds us here inspires us and gives us that drive that we love
For hundreds of years, the peddlers from Borås made a name for themselves all over Sweden: Knalle. They considered themselves a guild and therefore they spoke in a unique mix of language and dialect called Månsing
We have picked this dialect up and place secretive sentences in Månsing on our products. They communicate our design and aesthetic sentiment

We invite You to learn Månsing by us!

Who are we?



Has long and full experiance of trading, buying and sourcing textile products. Camilla is in possession of a solid driving force when it comes to her work. She is also devoted and committed to ”her” producers, both here in Europe and far away in Asia

contact me on: camilla@mansing.nu



Designer and creator with a background ranging from textile and fashion design to graphic design and illustration. Elin is passionate about the creative and artistic process of design work and at the same time the challenges involved. She is also fascinated about the significance of the objects around us in our daily life

Contact me on: elin@mansing.nu



Has a strong sense for building and visualizing comercial concepts. Malin loves working as seller and build her business on good relationships, communication and exposure of products in the best way when it comes to all retail spaces. To sell interior design is a passion and a life style for Malin

Contact me on: malin@mansing.nu

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