Our experts

When we on Månsing design, produce or sell our products we always strive for transparancy.  It is a way of life for us.

We are fully convinced that a heart-to-heart clarity throughout the full working process is the key to future sustainability. We believe that you as our customer want to know about the history and origin of what ever product you find interesting. In the line of that we also want you to meet the people behind production. Those who we call ”the experts”.

We cherish the relationship we build with our colleagues out in production. They are our Månsing-Friends and we have great confidence in them.

Please read below about some of our Månsing-Friends and how our products are a part of their lives.

Family business in Indonesia

Månsings box: Böddalonse, is produced in Indonesia with a nice family business located just outside Jakarta. They strive to preserve tradition and employment for the population.

Böddalonse tryx strå

In rivers and lakes around the Jakarta the Waterhyacinth grows densely. It massively takes over lakes and streams. The picture on the left shows how the population made a floating bridge of boats to cross over a river where the Waterhyacinth has invaded and created big problems.
 But this family business sees opportunities instead of obsticles. The Waterhyacinth is harvested, dried and woven in the traditional way, to create, among other things our Böddalonse. For Månsing it is a perfect combination of design and craftsmanship. Furthermore this production is based on renewable and sustainable materials that will help the ecosystem to recover which makes the feeling even better.
We are happy to have visited this friendly people and seen the work carried out by the knowledgeable manufacturers.
Our expert Marc runs the family business with his fantastic employees (see picture below) and they are a testament to how a problem can be turned into a solution and hope for the future.

Enzyme wash in Turkey

Kvant över badkar

We have good experts in Turkey with a tight collaboration with a family company in Denizli. Terry manufacturing is their pride and knowledge for generations.
Månsing towel Kvant is a enzyme washed terry cloth made of Bayram and his employees in a traditional way
Enzyme washing is an environmentally friendly alternative to stone washing and the towel is given a soft feel and a unique coloration.
Enzymes are proteins of natural origin – no chemical substances.
The factory is Oeko-Tex certified and the staining uses AZO-free colors.
Kvant is a Månsing-favorite in 100% cotton quality and well absorbent.
Långvarig hållbarhet är tanken och känslan i denna handduk.

Enamel painted by hand

The region Moradabad in Northern India has long been known for its workmanship. Here we have our expert when it comes to enamel

They produce mostly metal products in iron and aluminum. It results in bowls, vases, jars, etc, produced in the traditional semi-industrialised way of their workmanship.
It’s small manufacturing units consist of casting and polishing, and where the hand-driven labor predominates. A human hand is behind every product and it is evident that every Hördhäck (our products) (see picture left) is unique and no enamel jar is the same. The hand-painted, elegant enamel has a porcelain-like appearance but the basic material is metal so they are durable and practical.

emanel mini

Meet Hurrem

Denizli is an industrial town in the mountains of southwest Turkey.
Here we go to meet Hurrem. She is dedicated and passionate to mediate the work and strong textile traditions that lives on in this part of Turkey.
The loom in the film does its job and works out great jacquard patterns
Our Fika towel is woven using traditional, Turkish methods, but designed in Borås, Sweden and therefore unique. It is made of 100% natural raw cotton that is wonderfully absorbent and soft against the skin but still keeps to heavy use. The tassels are handmade – they get a beautiful finish and gives the impression of craftsmanship and personality.
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